Our Pro Shop is open when our doors are open, usually an hour before the first hour of ice on our schedule until the last hour has finished

For our complete and most up-to-date schedule

The Ham Arena Pro Shop features products from Bauer and other manufacturers. Wide variety of sticks, blades and shafts, including goalie sticks

Welcome Back Mount Washington Valley Youth Hockey! GEAR UP for a GREAT season here at the HAM ARENA PRO SHOP and SAVE! Youth Hockey Members enjoy a SEASON LONG 10 PERCENT DISCOUNT on pro shop gear in stock or special custom orders! Don’t miss out on the BEST GEAR at the BEST PRICES! BUY and SAVE here at the HAM ARENA! Some limitations apply. Does not include tape, skate sharpening, league play or ice fees

Access to the full product lines of all of the manufacturers mentioned above
Equipment and accessories for every player, coach, and referee

The Ham Arena Pro Shop also features a Blademaster skate sharpening machine. Our factory-trained and authorized staff can customize your skates with hollow grinds from 1/8″ to 1 1/2″ and radii of 7′, 9′, 11′, and 13′. Skate sharpening: $7.00/pair

Custom contour radius: $20

Cancellation Policy. All activities are presumed to be held as scheduled unless the Ham Arena is closed. The cancellation of a previously scheduled activity by the customer will result in a 50% percent cost for cancellation unless the customer re-books the event at the original price within the next two weeks, schedule permitting. If no re-booking of the event occurs, the full price of the event is charged to the customer.

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