$220 per person or $2300 per team
The season will run Sept 19 to Jan 2 (14 games)
Jan 9th starts second half (14 games) which will mean another $220 per person or $2300 per team

Game times for Sept 19 to Nov 21 are 7:00, 8:10 & 9:20 pm
Game times change on Dec 5th to 7:30, 8:40 & 9:50 pm

For the most up-to-date Coed League schedule >>> Click Here

2019/20 Coed Hockey League


1) Games will be three, 12:00 minute, stop-time periods.
2) Scoreboard will reflect official score of the game.
3) Minor penalties will be 2:00 minutes. Major penalties will be 5:00 minutes. Misconduct will 10:00 minutes.
4) No overtime periods will be played and a game will end in a tie if necessary.
5) Red-line Icing will apply. However, Red-line icing will be waved off if a goaltender leaves their crease and motions towards playing the puck. A goaltender does not need to make contact with the puck before the puck crosses the goal line in order for the icing call to be waved off by the official.
6) Standard NHL rules will apply in most cases. However, with all rules applying to ensure player safety, penalties for any unnecessary body contact, roughing, and/or unsportsmanlike conduct, will be strictly enforced by the officials in the Coed Hockey League. Players are responsible for playing under control. This means that even incidental contact on either the puck carrier or another unsuspecting player, at an excessive rate of speed, can be determined by the officials to be reckless play and result in a player being penalized. If the reckless play results in another player being injured, a major penalty and/or misconduct can be assessed.
7) If any team is ahead by 6 goals in the 3rd Period of play, running time will apply for the remainder of the game unless the losing team shortens the goal deficit to 5 goals, at which point stop time would resume.
8) Team players are required to wear same color jerseys. Officials can deny player participation for refusing to wear their team color.
9) Officials can make a judgment call in determining if a high skill-level player is playing too rough or too aggressive on a low-skill level player, thus resulting in the assessing of an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Team Captains are encouraged manage the integrity of their team by monitoring and managing the play of their high skill-level players in this specific area.
10) There will be a zero tolerance policy for any abusive language and/or unsportsmanlike conduct towards officials.

*All actions and infractions can be reviewed by players, League Director, Ham Arena General Manager and Staff, League Officials, and spectators via Live Barn.


An official team roster should be supplied by the team captain to Ham Arena staff prior to game one. Teams are strongly encouraged to have balanced rosters with both male and female players. Teams are strongly encouraged to have both male and female players on the ice at the same time, at all times. Team Captains will be responsible for their team’s integrity.

Player Recruitment:

Team Captains are responsible for recruiting players already established within the league. Team Captains are required to recruit players from the opposing team first. Team Captains are required to recruit female players first. Team Captains are required to avoid recruiting A-level players. Team Captains are responsible for the integrity of their team, including, but not limited to the conduct and sportsmanship of their players. No team is allowed to roster a player, male or female, under 18 years of age.

League Fees:

Team Captains are responsible for team fees and will work cooperatively with Ham Arena staff to make sure all players on their team have paid their league fees in a timely manner. Out of respect for the Ham Arena Staff, and in an effort to avoid the Ham Arena Staff having to continuously approach players for payment, Team Captains are strongly encouraged to be responsible for the integrity of their team and do their best to honor payment deadlines.
• Every player on a team roster must have at least a $75 deposit for summer/fall season by game 2 of that season
• Every player on a team roster must have at least a $100 deposit for fall and winter seasons by game 2 of that season
• Every player should be paid in full by the halfway point of each season. Summer/Fall prior to game 4, for Fall and Winter Seasons prior to game 8
• Captains are responsible to keep track of payments.
• If any player would like to work out a payment plan with the Ham that player can speak to the arena General Manager to work out a payment plan.
• The Ham Staff will not chase players.
• Prior to puck drop of game two (for each season) a roster and payment list should be turned into the Ham Staff.
• Upon game two of each season anyone not paying or that has not worked out a payment plan will not be allowed to play.
• If a team would like to pay as a team, the team should pay half the balance by game 2 and have a zero balance by the mid-point of each season.


There will be a zero tolerance policy for fighting. What constitutes a fight shall be determined by the officials. However, any punch thrown that either makes contact with another player or misses a player, but was intended to make contact and potentially cause bodily injury, with or without a glove on, will constitute the action of fighting. Any player that uses their stick in a deliberate and unsafe, aggressive, or dangerous manner, specifically if a player should make contact with another player’s head with the intent to injure, at a minimum will constitute the action of fighting. If a fighting infraction has been determined, the penalized player will be immediately ejected from the game and suspended from any Coed Hockey League play for one year to the date of the initial infraction. If a player should receive a second infraction for fighting upon their reinstatement to Coed Hockey League Play, the player will then be terminated from Coed Hockey League play at the Ham Arena, indefinitely.

*Players that have received major suspensions may request to have a meeting with the League Director, Ham Arena General Manager, League Officials, and Team Captains, for a thorough review of the infraction and an opportunity to formally protest the judgment. Following review, an official vote by all of the aforementioned parties can held and a majority can overturn a suspension.

Time Keepers:

A sign-up sheet will be posted on the board in front of proshop. Everyone is expected to take a shift score keeping. If you need training we can help. It would be nice if anyone that knows how could work the same shifts as someone that doesn’t.


Every team is responsible for finding their own goaltender prior to each game. Anyone working Thursday nights at the Ham is not eligible to play the night they are working, they are working and are off limits to games during their shift. Especially the goaltenders.