Public Skating is limited to 25 people for the immediate future. To reserve a spot you will need to contact the Ham Arena by phone or email at 603.447.5888 or please put Public Skating in the subject line and indicate the date you plan to come. Please see our New Normal page for the most up-to-date guidelines for entering the Ham Arena.

To Attend Public Skating
You must email or call to reserve a spot.
On the day of your reservation you need to fill out our online screening system by clicking on the link below and getting a QR code

We have just installed new pre-screening system. Basically you login and fill out the Covid questionnaire for yourself or up to 5 members of your family. If you answer the pre screening questions correctly you will be sent a QR code. You can either have that code on your phone or a printout of it. When you enter the Ham Arena you place the QR code in front of the scanner. With a confirmation of the code you will then be asked to have your temperature taken which is on the stand with the scanner. You can place your wrist or forehead in front of the scanner and if you are within range you will be given the green light to enter. The QR code can be used as many times as you need for one day. If you are coming back the next day you need to go back online to the form and fill it out again and get a new QR code. This will really help with the speed and flow for entering the arena.

To complete our online screening form…

Click for Demo

Thank You

For our complete live and most up-to-date public skating schedule

Public Skating
$7 for adults
$6 for children 14 & under
$4 for rentals skates

We do not rent helmets, ski and bike helmets can be used.

Helmets are not required but are highly suggested

Children under that age of 18 should always be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Public Skating Sponsorships are Available please contact us.