Because we are unsure of how this season will progress we are changing our payment structure for the season. Everyone is asked to make a $100 deposit by their third game. Based on our calculations it is an average of about $17 per person to play a season in this league. So this year we will charge per person at $17 per game. If you agree to play on a team you will be responsible to pay for any scheduled game that is played, even if you miss a game for any reason. About every six weeks we will expect another payment of $100. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING

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Full-time rostered players

  • All full-time rostered players pay $100 on first game of each half or you don’t play
  • All full-time rostered players pay an additional $120 by game six of each half or you don’t play
  • If you don’t pay $220 for each half you do not play in the play-offs
  • If you pay $220 for each half it doesn’t matter how many games you play you are playoff eligible

Alternate rostered players

  • Each team is allowed 2 and only 2 alternates
  • Alternates owe $80 at their first game or they don’t play, and owe $120 per half
  • Alternates need to be paid in full ($120) and play at least 4 games per half to be playoff eligible
  • Alternate players are allowed to play 6 games per half, if they play game 7 they owe an additional $190, equaling $220 for that half.

Rosters / Game Sheets

  • All game sheets will be monitored by the score keeper and players will be checked off as in attendance
  • Captains or Alternate Captains will need to sign each game sheet in agreement with score keeper for a players attendance

If a player is not marked as present the game does not count as attended by that player. It is the captains and alternate captains responsibility to check the game sheet and approve the scorekeepers marked attendance